New England Quality Contracting Scammed Me!!!

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I Hired Stanley Rasimowicz to to rehab work on my apartment building, he told me he had ordered my windows and doors and that they were paid for in full which was a lie, he even gave me invoices for materials that were ordered which turned out to be fake invoices.

I caught Stanley in a lie which got me investigating the invoices and I found out that the window company didn't exist, at least at the address he had on the invoice. I contacted the real window company and they have no record of ever doing business with him or his company.

There also was a suspicious fire in the building, hmmm, I wounder what happened??? The officials are quite interested in Stanley and hopefully he will be behind bars soon so no one else will be scammed by him.

I don't know how people like this can sleep a night. To see my building just google 46 Main St. Antrim, NH and look for pictures. I hope he gets everything that he deserves.

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The same thing happend to our family!50,000.00 is torn apart.

A tru SCAM artist!

*** bag!I will see to it that he pays for what he did to my family!


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